Building Materials

Colour measurement in the Building Material Industry

Whilst reading this, look around at the room you are in. Chances are there will be walls and a floor, made of cement and concrete. There may be window frames and windows made of vinyl and glass. Looking at the floor, are there tiles or carpet and how are they fixed down? Go outside and look up at the roof and note the materials that it comprises of. The list of materials and products covered under the term “building materials” is vast and as such, competition between manufacturers is great. Therefore, having a consistently good product is a must which is why leading building material manufacturers trust the quality and reliability of The Stothard Group’s colour measurement solutions.

Rising to the challenge

Time after time, Stotto - HunterLab UK & Ireland provides not only the instrumentation needed for colour analysis but also the method development, application advice and even the option to do the work for you and measure the samples ourselves!

The instruments available are flexible and can adapt to take accurate colour measurement of a wide range of building material samples. They are available as bench top for laboratory analysis, on-line for right at production level analysis or handheld for a more portable and flexible use, all tailored to suit both application and budget.

Clear solution for glass analysis

Keeping the colour and appearance of glass consistent is extremely important at the production level to prevent the excess cost of replacing glass panels that just don’t look right when installed.

Glass analysis is achieved two ways using a spectrophotometer: a reflectance measurement analyses any coatings and gives the reflected colour of what is viewed from the outside and a transmission measurement can give the colour and clarity of the glass when viewed from the inside.

Whatever the building material, whatever the application, Stotto - HunterLab UK & Ireland can provide a full colour solution to suit and build on quality of the materials to produce the best every time.