Colour and chemicals

Colour measurement in the chemical industry

Chemicals are used throughout industry to make a wide variety of consumer goods, and are indispensable in diverse industries such as food, agriculture, manufacturing, construction, life sciences, and many service industries. From polymers to plastics, fertilizers to pharmaceuticals and petrochemicals, many of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers rely on HunterLab solutions to ensure quality and consistency of their product.

Whether you are measuring, petrochemicals, polymers, pigments, colorants, resins, solvents, minerals, or detergents, HunterLab is renowned for easy-to-use solutions for colour measurement of chemicals. Quantifying colour to visual perception through critical metrics and indices including APHA/Haze, Plt-Co, Whiteness, Yellowness, Gardner, Saybolt and Haze are made simple and economical to ensure colour consistency and quality across supply chains.


From simple mixtures of ashes, silicates and animal fats used by the ancient Egyptians, to the modern day use of surfactants, builders, bleaching-agents, enzymes, fillers other minor additive, the science and technology of detergents continues to advance with future developments focused on products that are more efficient and easy to use, as well as safe for consumers and for the environment. Stotto - HunterLab UK & Ireland supplies the detergent industry with quality colour measurement systems. We provide solutions for all areas of color measurement in the detergent industry, from liquid and powdered detergent, to cotton swabs used to test a detergents cleaning power and performance, to consumer packaging designed to attract a consumer to purchase. The proper instrument is determined by the sample type.

Powdered Chemicals

Powdered chemicals are used across many industries including coatings, food, building materials, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and cleaning materials to name a few. Whether you are measuring the white of calcium carbonate, the blue of copper benzoate, the green of nickel chloride or the deep magenta of cobalt chloride hexahydrate, we have been providing color measurement solutions for the chemical industry for over 60 years, and many of the world’s leading chemical manufacturers rely on our solutions to ensure quality and consistency of the raw materials used in their products throughout their supply chain.