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The world of colour & appearance measurement does not have to be a scary place. If you need accuracy, traceability and to conform to CIE, ASTM and ISO standards then the HunterLab range of colorimetric spectrophotometers have configurations for reflectance, transmission and both. We have solutions for portable, benchtop and online colour measurement.

If you need an instrument that measures colour, haze, transmission and absorption then Vista is perfect.

Benchtop Reflectance ( Measuring colour how the human sees it)

If you think a benchtop instrument is required then please take a look at the HunterLab ColorFlex EZ.

Dual purpose
The UltraScan VIS will allow you to measure colour in both transmission and reflectance and give you data on colour, haze, transmission, absorption and other world wide accepted indices.

Online colour measurement & Non-Uniform Colour measurement
Measuring colour online? Utilize the HunterLab SpectraTrend HT and Stotto’s 30 year experience.
For plastic pellets, crisps, coffee, cuts and other non-uniform products try Aeros

Portable/Handheld colour measurement

The HunterLab MiniScan EZ series are perfect for taking anywhere and carrying out your portable colour measurement. Coming with a strong, black travel case and battery charger its a perfect tool to a company you.

HunterLab Colorimetric Spectrophotometers ( a newer version of a colorimeter) will measure samples and give the following values:

Colour Scales: CIELab, CIELCh, Hunter Lab, Rdab, RxRyRz, XYZ, Yxy

Difference Indices: dE (Hunter), dC (Hunter), dE (CIE), dC (CIE), dH (CIE), dL CMC, dC CMC, dH CMC, dE CMC, dL (CIE94), dC (CIE94), dH (CIE94), dE (CIE94), dL (DIN99), dC (DIN99), dH (DIN99), dE (DIN99), dL (CIE2000), dC (CIE2000), dH (CIE2000), dE (CIE2000), dE FMCII, dL FMCII, dRG FMCII, dYB (FMCII), dE Rdab, dC Rdab, Metamerism Index, Gray Scale (ISO 105-A05.2), Gray Scale (ISO 105-A04), Average Strength, Weighted Strength

Indices: YI E313, YI D1925, WI E313, WI CIE, WI GANZ, 457 Brightness, Y Brightness, Z%, APHA (10, 20 and 50mm), ADMI (10, 20 and 50mm), ASTM D1500, Gardner D6166 , Gardner 20mm, Saybolt, Tint CIE, Tint E313, Tint GANZ, Dominant Wavelength, Citrus Scores, Tomato Scores, Excitation Purity, Opacity, Haze. Absolute and difference from standard for each.

Spectral Data: % Reflectance, % Transmittance, Absorbance, K/S, ∆% Reflectance, ∆% Transmittance

Help with colour measurement

It’s really important that you purchase the right device for your application as colorimetric spectrophotometers typically last a very long time and if you get the wrong method you could be measuring incorrectly for years.

To help you through this process we provide a free onsite demonstration for customers and we will share years of experience with you and work out exactly what you need to implement.

We welcome you to call us with all of your questions and worries and we will provide free telephone support before a purchase is even made. So please ask us as many questions as you can.

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Let us solve your measuring problem

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